So this is my first blog post. And, I have a few reservations about this endeavour:

  • I have yet to determine if I think blogging is egotistical?
  • I think I would prefer a more live depiction and organization of my public thoughts. (Ideally, a tool that could be used for organizing private thoughts too.)
  • Because I would prefer a different system for thought organization, then this blog potentially adds a switching cost.
  • Someone will be able to train an NN to imitate me with all this data…

Despite these reservations, I have some hypothesis that I would like to test:

  • It will be beneficial for myself.
    • Blogging will make me a better writer and a better person.
    • I will enjoy it.
    • I will better learn the information that I share.
  • It can be beneficial to others.
    • I have things to share that others might find interesting.
    • I have things to teach others
    • I have things to entertain others.

So hello friend, I hope this benefits you. And I hope this blog benefits me too. And if it doesn’t do either of those, then maybe it does some yet unforseen ternary option. Here’s to finding out; to testing hypotheses!